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They know how to party in Madeira – they invented carnival and exported it to Rio or at least that’s what the Madeiran's would have us believe. We were there for Carnival in February this year – in fact there are 2 carnivals....

Exotic Egypt

Egypt is dominated by the Nile. As you approach from the air you see miles of desert – I mean real sand and nothing else. Then the Nile comes into view and all along the banks there is habitation, crops and the life of Egypt

We were in Upper Egypt which confusingly is in the south of the country. The Nile is a perplexing river as it is one of few rivers which flows from south to north. We witnessed a variety of wildlife, people washing their cows and clothes, swimming and generally using the waters of the Nile which are the lifeblood of the country. ....


Australia Travel Itinerary

I will be adding more in depth retrospectives of the individual places we traveled once time permits. Keep a look out for the latest posts on the right.

Wednesday 23rd October Heathrow 22.30 to Dubai, arrived Thursday 24th 09.30

Thursday 24th October Metro to Mall of the Emirates. Up Berj Khalifa, world's tallest building at sunset. Meal in Mall at Social Cafe. Watched son et fountain display. ....

Recent Travel Tips

What can I share about our recent trip to Australia and New Zealand? It was a 6 week trip so maybe some of my tips may be useful to anyone planning something similar. DO NOT leave your planning to chance; you're paying good money and you want control of your itinerary. ....