A Review of Trivago Holidays

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You will have no doubt seen ad-campaigns on TV for Trivago holidays. In their fast rise to success they have quickly become a household name in the ever competitive holiday comparison site arena. It must be commended that they has risen to such prominence in such a short space of time. This must hold true not least in part to having a service which people find value in.

The website itself is very intuitive with clear pictures of each hotel laid out cleanly on the front page. You do a hotel search by typing in your desired location at the top along with how many rooms you want and the date of travel and the site returns a list of hotels fitting the criteria.

The best deal prices are clearly stated on the right in large letters. I have found it a pet hate when prices are not clearly labelled for products on a given website so it is nice to see this is not the case here.

In smaller numbers you will see the individual deal prices of different hotel booking companies. This allows you an immediate comparison which you can actually see rather than it all being done behind the scenes as is often the case on comparison sites.

You will also see a large percentage ratio of how many people gave positive reviews of the hotel in question. Clicking on this provides a dropdown list of where the reviews were garnered from. The total reviews is an amalgam of all the positives reviews gained not only from Trivago but other popular hotel comparison sites too.

Of the list of other companies, you can click each one at which point you are redirected to the other site to find the individual reviews from customers. I find this a valuable tool since it allows you to cross reference opinions from the difference sites to get a better overall perception of your desired hotel.

By clicking 'view deal' on one of the hotels of interest you are redirected to one of the hotel booking sites, to which Trivago is linked, where you will find a more in depth synopsis of the hotel in question. You would then book through that companies' site.

There has been some confusion in the past by holiday goers as to precisely what Trivago as a company is or does. Some confuse it for a hotel chain when in actual fact Trivago is simply a hotel comparison site. As I was doing a quick search online I saw a lot of people who would be discussing hotel specific customer service related topics directed at Trivago when indeed they are not a hotel chain themselves.

Trivago are simply the middle man to get you a hotel. They recommend hotels but at the end of the day it is the actual hotel which will give you the service. I thought this pertinent to add since I saw it to be a common confusion from previous users of the site.

So to sum up; Trivago's website is actually very simple but what it does it does well. The functions are streamlined and intuitive without clutter. This I feel allows you one less thing to get stressed about in the hectic task of finding a holiday. So get your destination in mind and let Trivago do the heavy lifting for you!

I will be reviewing other top hotel comparison sites in due course so stay tuned for that and look for them on the right. I may also do a comparison of the comparison sites to choose which one is best.

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